value proposition

For the price of some simple gps devices you receive the most complete platform of fleet performance management, control and optimization solutions. With one login only you access and use the whole platform, withouth having to open several applications to manage your fleet and drivers.

High Return On Investment. Wtih Optimus-fleet You Can Get Up To:

  • 18%
    savings on fuel
  • 17%
    savings with idle time
  • 20%
    savings with speed excesses and bad driving habits
  • 18%
    savings in product losses due to out of spec temperatures
  • 12%
    Save through proactive analysis, scheduling and management of preventive and corrective service orders
With Optimus-fleet you can...
maximize performance & minimize costs... everyday!
  • HQs in Orlando, FL
    +1 (407) 440-3563
    HQ Latam, Panama
    + 507 380-0350
    HQ Brazil & Mercosul, Campinas, SP, Brazil
    +55 19 3829-3500
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